Natural PMS Relief with White Willow Bark


White Willow Bark

The great thing about natural PMS remedies is that they work so well with your body—just the way nature intended. It’s so easy to go to the drug store for a painkiller to just mask the symptoms of PMS.

But this is only temporary relief. In a couple of hours, your PMS will be back with a vengeance. With natural remedies like white willow bark, you are using the power of nature to eliminate your PMS woes.

A Quick History Lesson

Wild willow bark is the outer shell of the willow tree. It has been used for thousands of years, by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks as a painkiller.

But the benefits of white willow bark aren’t just folklore. In scientific research conducted in 1892, scientists proved that the active ingredient in white willow bark is salicin. Salicin has similar effects as acetylsalicylic acid, otherwise known as aspirin. Imagine, nature’s best source of pain relief, growing on trees!This same scientific research also showed that white willow bark could be combined with essential nutrients such as folic acid, calcium and iron to boost its pain-relieving powers.  

White willow bark for PMS and Menstrual Pain Relief:

White willow bark is an anti-inflammatory agent and a pain reliever, perfect for PMS. The problem with aspirin is that it is about as tough on your stomach as it is on pain. Aspirin damages the sensitive lining of your stomach, especially when your stomach is empty. On the other hand, natural remedies like wild willow are much gentler on your body. Specifically, the salicin in wild willow bark is metabolized to salicylic acid after it hits your stomach. So, you avoid the pain of the acid interacting directly with your stomach lining.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, white willow bark also works well with other herbs.  Wild yam, black cohosh and damiana have all been proven to complement wild willow bark’s natural wonders, as each of these herbs act as a soothing anti-inflammatory as well.

How to get white willow bark

You can find this remedy in specialty health stores in the form of dried bark Period Vitaminfor teas or gel-filled capsules of extract. It is important to rely on a reputable source of white willow bark, like Period Vitamin. A white willow bark overdose can result in kidney inflammation, vomiting, or stomach pains.

Don’t add that to your PMS pain!

Period Vitamin also understands how white willow bark interacts with other vitamins and minerals, which is why they’ve combined it with essential nutrients like the ones listed above (in addition to a few other perks such as vitamins A, C, E and K-1),  Highly Recommended.

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