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How To Reduce Menstrual Cramps By Natural Methods

If you're like most people, you are beginning to get away from unnecessary chemicals, pills and man-made medications.  Yet, there are probably times, especially during your period, when you are tempted to reach for those cures.  If you suffer from severe menstrual cramps, that temptation can be even bigger, but you should really consider how to reduce menstrual cramps by natural methods, instead.

Side Effects And Complications Of Medications:

One of the biggest reasons to lean towards natural cures during your period is because of the side effects and complications of medications.  Sure, they might relieve your menstrual cramps for a little while.  However, they are not likely to reduce all of your menstrual symptoms at once.

When you also consider the fact that medications have a lot of potential side effects, why risk it?  Is it really worth curing the cramps only to develop vomiting, severe headaches or other problems.  Not only that, but some medications designed to relieve cramps even list cramps as one of their potential side effects. 

What good is all of that to you during your period?  Not much, that's for sure.  So, that's why you actually need to find ways to support your body naturally.  It doesn't do to add to your problems with more pain and side effects.

Reduce Cramps From Constipation:

Menstrual CrampsThere are some simple at home methods that you can use to reduce cramps.  First of all, though, you need to understand the source of them.  If they are just caused by uterine contractions or an accumulation of blood from your period, that's one thing.  If your period is also making you constipated, that's a whole other problem.

If you have constipation during your period time, you aren't alone.  The hormonal imbalances can really play havoc with your body's systems.  Not only that, but the  cramps from your period itself can add pressure on your intestines, creating more cramps from gas and constipation.

If you want to relieve constipation and stay healthier during your period, you only need to drink plenty of water, stay active and eat foods that are high in fiber.  Fiber will move waste along your intestinal tract, water will help the process and staying active and moving around should also help to keep the “pipes” in working order.

Reducing Cramps From Your Period Itself:

If your cramping is not caused by constipation, but by your period itself, there are also things that you can do right at home to relieve the bloating and the excess build up of blood in your pelvis.  Once again, you need to stay active and eat properly.  However, there are other things that will also help.

For one thing, you can usually relieve cramping with some simple heat.  Try using a heating pad or hot water bottle when the pains are bad.  A hot shower or bath can also help to relieve muscle tension and take some pressure off of your body.  In fact, you may even find that drinking hot tea can help to warm and relax your insides.

Another easy thing you can do to relieve cramps is eat more bananas.  That's because bananas are full of vitamin K.  Vitamin K is known for reducing cramps and a lack of vitamin K is known for causing them.  You can get vitamin K from other sources, but most people have bananas around the house or can easily get some.

Herbal Remedies And Supplements:

Herbal Remedies For Menstrual CrampsAnother method for how to reduce menstrual cramps is to take herbal remedies and supplements. 

In fact, you can get vitamin K in supplement form. 

Although, you would be much better off taking a supplement like Period Vitamin, which contains a perfectly balanced blend of vitamins, herbs and minerals to support your body during your period. 

Here are just a few of the great natural components that it contains, besides vitamin K:


Chasteberry is an important herb for period health.  It can balance your hormone levels, for a start.  It is also good for reducing swelling and pain, especially in the breasts.  It can even reduce fluid retention, bloating, headaches, irritability and more.

Evening Primrose:

Evening primrose, like chasteberry, can relieve breast tenderness.  It can also reduce cramping.  When you add the fact that it can improve your mood, it is a vital component of any herbal remedy for period symptoms and pains.

Red Raspberry:

red raspberry for pms

Red raspberry can do several things to help you with reducing menstrual cramps and other period problems. 

It can remove excess hormones from your body, it can shrink swollen tissue to reduce uterine cramping and it can even reduce blood flow, if you are having too much menstrual bleeding. 

The great thing about all of that is that it's almost like red raspberry is “smart” because it knows just when it needs to do each of those things, or if it needs to do them at all.


Calcium, as you may have heard, is great for bone health.  It can even help to keep your teeth in your head well into your older years.  However, you may not know that it can actually help to calm your insides.  There's a reason that some people recommend warm milk to sooth the body before bed.  Calcium has the power to relieve cramping, reduce indigestion and even settle your nerves, especially during your period.


Magnesium is like the glue that binds all of those other natural treatments together, especially evening primrose and calcium.  Magnesium helps your body to absorb both and make the best use of them.  Not only that, but magnesium itself has healing and soothing properties.  It can even help to regulate food cravings during your menstrual cycle.

One of the greatest things about learning how to reduce menstrual cramps naturally is that you can use all of those substances together.  They all work great as a unit, as long as they are in the proper amounts.  So, the next time that a simple hot bath just isn't helping, consider also taking a natural supplement to relieve your period problems.

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