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Top Natural Period Remedies For Eliminating Your Period Pains For Good

If you've been suffering from painful period cramps and bloating for years or had bleeding that you think is far too heavy, you have probably tried a lot of prescription and man-made over the counter medications.  However, you may have discovered that they only treat certain symptoms, don't always work and can cause harmful or annoying side effects.  If you want period remedies with less side effects, what you actually need is a more natural approach to period relief.

Side Effects Of Drugs:

Have you ever noticed that many drugs come with a huge list of potential side effects.  What is worse is that many of those side effects can be the very things that the drugs are meant to treat. 

prescription drugs

For example, there are over the counter man-made medications for period relief that actually list stomach cramps as potential side effects. Therefore, taking such medications is no way to really treat your period pains.

Not only that, but some drugs can cause other side effects that are quite scary.  For example, some might cause vision trouble.  Some might cause allergic reactions. 

In rare cases, some of them could even cause a decrease in white blood cells, which are the cells that ward off infections and diseases within your body.


Herbal Remedies:

The best alternative, if you don't want to go through all of that, is to use herbal period remedies.  The great thing about herbal remedies is that Mother Nature has provided everything we need to support our bodies.  It's just that most people have forgotten how to use those natural tools since the invention of modern medicine as we know it today.  Many natural herbs have some great healing properties, though, and they don't come with the harsh side effects of modern medicines.

Wild Yam:

Many of the problems that come with your period, such as heavy flow, cramping and even irregular periods, occur because your body isn't getting the proper food. For example, your reproductive system requires phytohormones in order to run at its best. 

Unfortunately, most of the over-processed foods on today's market don't contain any phytohormones.You can get more phytohormones in your daily diet, if you eat more organic fruits and vegetables.  However, you can also take a supplement containing wild yam, since it is a great source of phytohormones. 

wild yam

In either case, the right amount of phytohormones in your system is one of the best monthly cycle remedies around.  They can restore your energy levels, regulate blood flow and even improve your mood.


Another of the great herbal period remedies is chasteberry.  You can find it in a lot of medicinal natural supplements because it is so versatile.  Studies have shown that it can reduce depression and mood swings, for example.  It is also capable of relieving bad headaches, which many women get when their period hits.  In fact, it can even reduce fluid retention, bloating and cramps, all naturally and without the need for side effect-producing chemicals.

Evening Primrose:

Evening Primrose

Evening primrose is another herb that you may not have heard of before, but you should definitely remember, especially if you struggle with acne. 

Many women find that they break out with acne at that time of the month.  That's caused mainly by the hormone level changes that occur within the body. 

Evening primrose can help to regulate those hormone levels, reducing acne and other symptoms of your period.


Red Raspberry:

Uterine contractions are a large part of what causes cramping and pain associated with your period.  They can even cause swelling and pressure on other areas, which can lead to things like back pain and constipation.  Red raspberry can help to alleviate all of that.

The thing that makes red raspberry so powerful is that it almost has a mind of its own.  It can do several different positive things, but it only does them at the appropriate time.  For example, if you are having cramps, the ferulic acid in red raspberry can stop the spasms.  On the other hand, if you are having heavy flow, red raspberry can slow it down.  Red raspberry can even remove excess hormones from your blood, helping to regulate your entire body during your period.

Include Vitamins And Minerals:

Taking a plain herbal remedy isn't enough.  Herbs are not going to help you relieve period symptoms unless you use vitamins and minerals to help things along. 

For example, you will need niacin and several other B vitamins.  If you get enough niacin into your system, it can help to relieve nausea irritability and depression, which are common problems during a woman's period. 

Also, niacin is known for helping with other medical issues, like skin disorders, bad breath and even loss of appetite.

vitamins and minerals

Pantothenic acid is another must-have B vitamin, if you want to relieve the pain of your period.  It can relieve depression and insomnia.  It can also reduce stress and help to keep your nervous system healthy.

As far as minerals go, you should be sure to get enough calcium.  It also helps to include magnesium, which encourages calcium absorption.  Between the two of those and iron, you could give your body a lot of support during your period.  Iron can help to replace lost blood and calcium can reduce bloating and other period-related physical pains.

Find A Compound Supplement:

Clearly, you can't take all of those things in supplement form separately.  However, you should take each one in order to have the best shot at period relief.  So, the best solution for that problem is to find a compound supplement that contains all of those things, and possibly even more healthy components.

Period Vitamin

One of the best compound supplement period remedies is Period Vitamin.  It contains all of the great herbal remedies above.  It even includes other natural elements, such as black cohosh and vitamin C. 

So, in no time at all, it will have you ready to get up and go, instead of ready to curl up in bed until your period goes away.  That way, you can lead the active and pain-free lifestyle that all women have a right to lead.


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