"Bounce Back from PMS and Period Pain Relief with Black Cohosh"

Black Cohosh

Not sure what black cohosh is?  Get ready to meet the wonder herb that helps you bounce back from PMS and period pain!

Many women are quick to take medications during their period. They hope that over the counter drugs will dull their painful cramps or emotional woes.

But there are a few problems with these pills. They are temporary solutions and after a few hours, you are experiencing the same debilitating cramps.

Also, why irritate your body even further by taking painkillers that hurt the sensitive lining of your stomach?

Don't just dose your body with chemicals.

Natural remedies like black cohosh, along with a healthy diet, are invaluable weapons against PMS and painful periods. Black cohosh is a tall flowering plant that is native to North America, and once you learn more about its amazing benefits, you'll be a believer.

Black Cohosh for an Easier Period

Most of your PMS symptoms are due to hormonal imbalances—between estrogen and progesterone—during the time of your period. Scientists think that black cohosh acts much like estrogen in your body. Black cohosh helps provide a balancing act for your out of whack hormones—it becomes the great hormone equalizer. Say goodbye to wild mood swings, depression, and lack of energy. You won't be a stranger to yourself anymore with this natural remedy.

During your period, you know the familiar feel of painful cramps. For centuries, women have been using natural remedies like black cohosh in pain treatment. The Native Americans used black cohosh for muscle pain because it is a natural painkiller and an anti-inflammatory agent. It helps ease uterine cramps and muscle pain.
Additionally, when combined with wild yam and wild willow bark, black cohosh is especially beneficial for women who have sensitive stomachs. This herbal combination is unlike aspirin or other painkillers in that it doesn't injure the sensitive lining of your stomach. You don't want to add intense stomach pain to your already sore body!

Nature's Best Remedy For PMS and Black Cohosh

Period VitaminThe best remedy for PMS symptoms and painful cramps is a lifestyle of healthy eating habits. Studies have shown that diets rich in essential vitamins and nutrients lead to much milder periods. Black cohosh is one valuable nutritional tool in this battle. But you should also eat a diet rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, E, B-1, B-2, and B-6. All of these nutrients provide a much needed boost for your battered immune system.

Natural supplements like Period Vitamin boast especially high levels of these vitamins, as well as blends of black cohosh and other herbs. You'll be bouncing back in no time with a vitamin-rich diet, and an added dose of black cohosh!